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O-1 Future Engagements

One of the benefits of an O-1 agent-filing petition is that future work can be varied.

Elektra B. Yao

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If an O-1 visa is filed with an agent-petition, the petition needs to present at least 2 future engagements. One of the benefits of an O-1 agent-filing petition is that the future work can be varied.

When the O-1 federal regulations were drafted Congress took into account the industry standard for artists and creative professionals. The flexibility that Congress has carved out for artists absolutely allows artists and creative professionals to have a variety of different types of employment, whether that be with a private individual, project, or a large company.

Non-traditional 9-5 work structure

Congress recognized that the arts and creative industries do not follow a traditional 9-5 work structure, and that flexibility for creative professionals and artists is paramount to success in their field.

Therefore, future engagements in an O-1 petition can include a traditional work structure or non-traditional work environments such as short term employment, projects, work for private individuals.

One thing to be mindful of when creating the itinerary of future engagements is the potential gaps in employment. Gaps in the O-1 should be minimals and should be supplemented with international work to prove consistent employment.

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