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How to become an International Artist in the USA

Three (3) tips for artists, creators, and performers to achieve broader recognition and professional success in the US.

Elektra B. Yao

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Reaching a wider reach of people and working professionally in the US is the dream of so many artists, creatives, and entertainers. For many, it means having “made it”

These three tips will help you get on that path to becoming an international artist:

1.) Apply for the O-1 Visa (Artist Visa)

The O-1 Visa, also known as the artist visa or the extraordinary ability visa, is a very special visa because it allows artists, creative professionals, and entertainers to work in their field and have an extensive career.

Unlike other visa types, the O-1 visa allows you to work on behalf of multiple projects, productions, companies, employers, etc. throughout your time here in the US.

There are no limits in your career, it is up to you how much you want to work, and how much you want to develop your professional profile so that you can eventually apply for the green card to stay here long term.

2.) Develop an Online Presence

The internet enjoys no borders. This means that you have the freedom to communicate and reach out to people beyond your physical community.

Developing a community online is important to get your voice and your work out there. Being present online and fostering a community online, will allow you to create opportunities for yourself online to network and to connect with people.

Two ways to create a community is to do Facebook Lives and to write articles to connect with people. The result is that you create a name for yourself and you are able to network with other artists and creatives.

3.) Brand Your Artistry by Filing a Trademark

The third thing that you should do to become an international artist here in the US is to brand yourself to secure your growth. So branding yourself means understanding your artistry and your artwork as a business.

This means that you might want to trademark a slogan, or a string of words that are associated with you, because they define you and what your brand is. This is going to make you stand out and support your long term monetary and artistic growth as an artist.

These are my three tips if you’re starting off in your international artistic career, and you want to make sure that you are setting up long term success for yourself.

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