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Do Creatives Need A LinkedIn?

Everyone knows LinkedIn is touted as a social media for professionals but does it have any use for creatives?

Elektra B. Yao

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LinkedIn may also be thought of as a tool utilized by business people, salespeople, and similar professions which may make artists and creative a bit weary of engaging on the platform.

Despite this, LinkedIn is a powerful tool that artists and creative professionals can use to develop relationships with others. What it comes down to is being open to potential relationships, business developments, or press.

Who’s on LinkedIn?

Agents, publicists, editors and more all utilize LinkedIn and are always on the lookout for new opportunities. By having a presence on this platform, you have the opportunity to reach out and foster a professional relationship with people that may support your career and future endeavors.

For example, a visual artist specializing in portraiture may have pioneered a great lighting technique that must be shared, well on LinkedIn there are journalists constantly looking to publish new work.

LinkedIn can also be a tool to build up a network.

There may not be as many other artists on the platform but there are certainly museums, venues, marketers, and more. Closing oneself off to these opportunities is detrimental to a career. Besides, LinkedIn is a standard practice for all fields meaning that anyone that will assist in an artist’s career is more than likely on LinkedIn.

What it all boils down to is bringing value and receiving value. Obviously, an artist isn’t going to make a LinkedIn account and magically be in the latest and greatest articles and venues. Putting the time and effort into building and nurturing relationships goes a long way as people tend to work with those they like.

How Do I Connect?

Start having a voice in the community. An easy way to begin this process is to like and comment on posts relevant to your field and community. Leaving genuine comments instead of just reacting with emojis will eventually get results.

People tend to appreciate thoughtful comments and this in turn starts the relationship building. Eventually, the commenting, liking, and sharing will show good fortune on your personal profile. It is at this point that true business and artist collaborations are most likely.

So what are you waiting for?

If it’s not already in existence, make that LinkedIn profile and begin networking. Create content or post the best work in your portfolio. Remember, it’s not about developing relationships with artists and peers, it’s about seeking out those that can support your career in the long run.

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